A comfortable experience, from beginning to end

The most valuable perspective we can get is our patients’ point of view.  What kind of a mood do we set when our patients walk in the door?  What do they see when they sit in the dental chair?  During a long appointment do they need to get up and walk around and stretch?  Can we offer them some kind of positive distraction while we’re working?

Obviously we’re all dental patients at times too, so what kind of experience would we want?  We realized it all starts when you walk in the door.  Our reception area has gone through quite a bit of remodeling the last couple years, all designed to make it an area that is warm, inviting and relaxing.  Fresh flowers are delivered weekly, and our scent diffuser helps get rid of that “dental office” smell (which is actually from the sterilization equipment).

Once in the treatment area we offer blankets and pillows, noise-cancelling headphones, and a massage chair in Dr. McGann’s room.  Laughing gas is helpful for some patients to ease any anxiety and help them go to their “happy place.”  And yes, we’ve had many patients fall asleep while in the chair, so feel free to drift off.

During treatment our goal is to make your tooth totally numb.  Dr. McGann’s anesthetic technique is very good; many patients feel nothing while the anesthetic is delivered, others may feel a slight pinch in the beginning but that quickly fades as the anesthetic takes effect.  A mouth prop is often helpful to relieve a sore jaw, and regular breaks help keep muscles from getting stiff.  We also have over-the-counter analgesics available (ibuprofen and acetaminophen) which can lessen any post-operative symptoms.  Just ask and we’d be happy to provide it.

The patient experience is always open to change as we receive feedback or learn about new technology or treatment options.  If your experience is different from the last time, we hope it’s because we’ve made it better!  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your visit, please let us know.

– Dr. McGann and staff